Post the Covid pandemic we have health precautions in place to create the safe functioning of the ropewalk print workshop.

This will enable you to relax and feel looked after. Within the Workshop we have natural fresh air flow, safety booths across the tables, distancing measures and simple workshop rules that follow current guidelines.

There is a rigorous cleaning routine in the print workshop and throughout the Ropewalk building.


Printmaking is a practical ‘hands-on’ art form, where people can enjoy learning to use different tools, inks and techniques to create spectacular and sometimes unexpected and surprising results.

We have experience of working with people of all ages.

Because the basic skills are quite straightforward to acquire, printmaking is an art form that people who have been ill, or who are recovering from an illness, can find enjoyable and helpful to their recovery. When we work with people who have depression and other forms of ill-health, they tell us that printmaking with us helps them to relax and express themselves, as we provide a non-threatening, social and creative atmosphere. People attending our workshops also tell us that they feel more confident and able to do things that they used to find daunting, such as getting out of the house, meeting new people, or trying something different, and in improving their Mental Health.

Eleos Collective CIC recently delivered workshops at the Ropewalk Print Workshop, funded by the Humber Learning Consortium Community Grant, have allowed their attendees the opportunity to develop their existing skills as well as learn new techniques and processes in a variety of mark making and print disciplines, including lino and collagraph. The workshops have been established specifically for creative adults who find themselves out of employment or education. We have provided a safe space for sharing ideas and experiences while supporting participants to navigate their own creative practices. The results of the sessions have not only been the production of beautiful art, but also the possibilities to nurture emotional and mental wellbeing. 

Wendy Chan